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Why Buy Sky?

We're the OGs of the Cannabis Business

We homesteaded our land in 1981 (and lived in the back of this truck our first winter). Our mountainside has  grown award-winning organic cannabis for years.

Our secret?

Kind neighbors sharing great seed, above-the-fog high-elevation, south slope weather, and a passion for technology (well, OK, a '45 Ford crossed with a Tesla).

We coded our original breeding program in 1982, hunkered in our gardens with the world's first laptop. Today, our arsenal includes state-of-the-art dehumidifiers, sensors, and clean rooms to minimize mold contamination.

Our fertilizers and pesticides are OMRI-listed organic from respected suppliers. Our solvent-free concentrates are extracted using high-end Waters and ISE subcritical CO2 to eliminate waxes, plant matter, and preserve terpenes.

But technology alone doesn't make great medicine. Over the years, we've learned some things--bud trimming, tea applications, careful pest inspections, shade leaf pruning--are better done by hand. Our employees are independent, free to work how they wish. They enjoy fair compensation and a healthy, pristine workplace.


We care for our land

Our off-grid power plant combines the latest solar systems backed by a quiet, sustainable propane generator. Our advanced water catchment system captures and stores winter's bountiful rains so we don't suck local streams dry during our beautiful hot summers. Our roads and stream crossings are carefully graded to protect fish and wildlife. We've planted thousands of trees to fight global warming and reduce erosion. And we've invested in an archeological survey to ensure Native American remains are not disturbed. 

Ethical Local Business

We grow rare, micro-local heritage strains, have won several Harvest Festivals including Judges and Popular Choice awards, and are pleased to have happy customers.

Though we started as hippies, we've built large venture-backed software companies in the US and overseas. We take commitments and follow-through seriously. We believe in honesty, reliability, and quality.

Our pricing is simple and consistent, with solid discounts for volume orders and long-term relationships.

If you're looking for a licensed, MMRSA-compliant, solid business partner who delivers top quality, beautifully packaged products from appellation-guaranteed Southern Humboldt County, please give us a try.

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