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Our Story

1979.... East coast boy's first trip to Cali.

It involved a girl (doesn't it always?) and new love. Stepped off the plane at SFO, into her yellow Volvo, and 4 hours later was blown away by Humboldt County. 

Went back East, sold my car to buy some land and a truck, homesteaded a little cabin, an outhouse, then a small barn. Like most hippies, I stuck a few plants in the dirt and started humping chickenshit. 

Almost forty years later, I've helped raise an awesome daughter (who's walked more of these mountains than me), started a few software businesses, got lucky enough, and retired back to the ranch. But entrepreneurs have a hard time retiring, and when pot got legal, I got busy. 

Our mission at Humboldt Sky is to grow the best damned legal ganja on the planet, leveraging advanced technology, disciplined, honest business practices, and the pure air, water, and love that still blesses Humboldt County. 

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