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  • Berry White (2017 Trim)
  • Berry White (2017 Trim)
  • Berry White (2017 Trim)

Berry White (2017 Trim)



Total Cannabinoids: 11.79%

Cultivar: Hybrid, indica dominant

 Flavor: Clay and incense, especially on the way out; Humboldt earth comes through with Berry White. Light and clean, its distinctive profile gives a nice balance that doesn’t inspire the Chronic Cough.

 Aroma: Green tea, fresh dirt, and Nag Champa

 Roots and Properties: Berry White blends two heritage strains, Blueberry and White Widow, to great effect. A slow onset leads to a clear head and a groovy body, with the mind wandering in and out of new thoughts and observations. Good for music or conversation, this strain blends the relief of a powerful indica while maintaining the clarity and energy of a smooth sativa, leaving a trail of calm, alert comfort.

 Reputed Benefits: Improved mood, energy, creative expression and thought, counters nausea, pain, depression and anxiety.

 Harvest Notes: Sungrown. One of our earliest pulls, Berry White was taken in three cuttings beginning in late August's crazy 108F degree heat wave. Perfect timing and careful curing left a sugary coating of clear trichomes. Grown in Kings Peak and Yarden gardens. Many buyers have commented that EcoMeds' Berry White looks like indoor. 

 Tag: uplifting, energetic, calm, body high, creative, relaxed, balanced, pure hybrid




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