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  • Blue Goo SuperStars (BLOWOUT!)

Blue Goo SuperStars (BLOWOUT!)

$4.00 $6.00

.75 gram (single joint)

THC (decarboyxlated): 13.0%
CBD (decarboyxlated): 0.00%


Your value-conscious customers will appreciate these great prices. 
Sky's 2017 Blue Goo Sativa dominant hybrid was a dispensary favorite: bright and sassy. 
Our three quarter gram SuperStar pre-rolls are hand-rolled from carefully stored 2017 whole flower, then perfectly tamped in organic unbleached paper for a slow, even burn. 


Each SuperStar is sustainably packed in an airtight, recyclable, reuseable tube with an natural cork stopper. 


These vintage beauties still pack a punch!


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