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Effect: KISS

Dominance: Hybrid Sativa

THC: 17.35%

CBD: 1.20%

b Myrcene: 1.23%

a Pinene: 0.25%

b Caryophyllene: 0.23%

Batch ID: 181220CAF3


Aroma: Light and fresh, some earthy indica underpins some sour tones and menthol

Taste: An extremely agreeable smoke: light and pleasant with a little spiciness on the draw, and we swear there’s a little banana in the exhale.

Effects: A balanced hybrid, there’s a strong tactile/body effect while the head is clear and alert. A good remedy for chronic pain during the workday, or an unwinder at the end of it. A chill-out body high offset by strong sativa wakefulness and creativity.


This lovely sativa has a shapely bud form and sexy, earthy fragrance. Cascade's 1.2% CBD content mellows its sativa energy.  Enjoy its powerful, bright, sensual effect daytime or nighttime with a special friend. 

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Available in pound units, or jarred on request.

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