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  • Gelato 45
  • Gelato 45
  • Gelato 45

Gelato 45



Effect: FREEZE

Dominance: Hybrid Sativa

THC: 18.1%

CBD: 0.02%

Caryophyllene 0.64%

Myrcene 0.36%

Limonene 0.35%

Batch ID: 181121GEF2 ECOG45

Notes: Vanilla and smoky sandalwood are prevalent while bright hues of sherbert burst all the way through

Flavor: Orange, vanilla bean, earthy mints and flowers

Experience: Heightened awareness available for intellectual conversation. Introverted in thought and meditation, guiding you to inner silence

Reputed Benefits: Sleepy, dreamy, head-in-the-clouds

Pair With: Orange sherbert and mint leaves

- MD 

Available in pound units or jars.

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