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  • Kosher Lemon TwinStars
  • Kosher Lemon TwinStars

Kosher Lemon TwinStars



Effect: LIFT

Dominance: Indica

THC: 17.2%
CBD: 0.75%
b Caryophyllene: 0.92%
d Limonene: 0.86%
b Myrcene: 0.52%
Batch ID: 181220KLF3
Notes: Lemon and lime made love with the pungent smell of earthy soil and wood notes. 
Flavor: High in citrus volume as lemon and lime brighten your tastes buds with each puff while earthier notes linger on your tongue.
Experience: Feel any stored stress from the day float far away with ease as feel-good giggles accompany you while melting deep into your body
Reputed Benefits: Deep relaxation, pain relief, sleep aid, mood uplifting, imaginative, appetite stimulant.
Pair With: Key-lime pie.
- MD


Our convenient, sustainably-packaged TwinStar tubes contain two 0.5 gram joints, hand-rolled from carefully stored 2018 whole flower, then perfectly tamped in organic unbleached paper for a slow, even burn.

Both joints are packed in a single airtight, recyclable, reuseable glass tube with child-proof cap.  


Great party gift!


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