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  • Mango Smoothie SuperStars

Mango Smoothie SuperStars


one .75 gram joint

Effect: SLURP
Dominance: Hybrid Sativa
THC: 20.7% (decarbed)
CBD: 0.04% (decarbed)
Myrcene: 1.07%
a-Pinene: 0.31%
b-Caryophyllene: 0.21%
Batch ID: 181121MSF2 HS-MS-1

Mango Smoothie was one of our top Emerald Cup entries. Blessed with a unique, fruity flavor and a powerful effect, it's a beauty! 

Our convenient, sustainably-packaged SuperStar tubes contain a single .75 gram joint, hand-rolled from carefully stored 2018 whole flower, then perfectly tamped in organic unbleached paper for a slow, even burn.

Each joint is packed in an airtight, recyclable, reuseable glass tube with organic cork.  


Personal convenience in eco-friendly format.


(photo shows Fire OG package.
Mango Smoothie is same packaging.)

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