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  • Sour Bubble Trim (BLOWOUT!)
  • Sour Bubble Trim (BLOWOUT!)
  • Sour Bubble Trim (BLOWOUT!)

Sour Bubble Trim (BLOWOUT!)



Total Cannabinoids: 15.38%


Cultivar: Hybrid, sativa forward.


Flavor: Citrus first, then piney, with a bit of sour patch edged with a creamy finish. No bite, just sour.
Aroma: Evergreen and lemon, with a skunk undercoat.
Roots and Properties: A sativa-dominant hybrid of Bubblegum and Sour Diesel, our unique Sour Bubble is a sunny, upbeat combination that marries the smooth but strong body high of Sour Diesel with the alert energy of quality Bubblegum genetics. A good strain to be up and about while calm and collected.
Harvest Notes: Sungrown, Kings Peak garden. Perfect harvest weather enabled EcoMed's Sour Bubble to soak up Humboldt's 90 degree October sun, loading the buds with bluish anthocyanin coloration. Trichomes are clear to slightly amber and are well preserved through careful curing.

Reported Benefits: Improved mood, energy, and creative expression, reduced anxiety, calming.



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