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  • Super Glue Summer Dep (BLOWOUT! )
  • Super Glue Summer Dep (BLOWOUT! )

Super Glue Summer Dep (BLOWOUT! )



Effect: SPANK
Dominance: Sativa
THC: 15.0%
CBD: 0.00%
b Caryophyllene: 0.31%
b Myrcene: 0.22%
d Limonene: 0.21%
Batch ID: 180815SGF

Notes: Pungent smells of wood and soil perfume your nose as if you’ve just rolled around in the dirt.

Flavor: Earth and Pine pie rounded out with a caramel linger

Experience: A meditative state that inspires you to groove and feel in to mellow beats and world music influences paired with deep breathing and inspired dreaming.

Reputed Benefits: Sensual, Grounds into your body, massages your mind while allowing you to get sh*t done.

Pair With: Tiramisu.

Available in pound units or jars.

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