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  • Yeti OG
  • Humboldt Sky Yeti OG Indica Flower
  • Yeti OG

Yeti OG



Effect: SLINK
Dominance: Indica
THC: 20.66%
CBD: 0.68%
d Limonene: 0.51%
b Myrcene: 0.20%
b Caryophyllene: 0.14%
Batch ID: 181220YOF3


Woody and sweet with berry tones and a musky thickness


Diesel pervades with some citrus and berry mixed in, and a thick flavor makes the overall profile on this hybrid very complex and interesting.


A clear-minded high that allows for a lot of laughter and uplift, but with a strong body effect that could help with pain or discomfort. Yeti OG carries a high potency without being imposing, making for a great relaxation strain.



Available in pound units, or jarred on request.


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